• 911 circuit board cropped

911 Circuit Board Towers


Artist: Andy Valdez

Andy Valdez, born in the Dominican Republic, is a naturalized citizen of the United States and graudted from Perth Amboy High School in June 2011. He went to work for a small, Hispanic, woman-owned company in New Jersey, Argent Associates, Inc. Andy, a receiving specialist in the warehouse, wanted to create art with the circuit boards that Argent purchases for disposal for their customers. He started a line of office accessories (business card holders, clip boards desk clocks, carrying trays, etc. ) made from disposed circuitry from computers and telecommunications network equipment. Andy’s aspirations are to attend college and work for the automotive industry designing the cards of the future. He is focused on green technology. Recently, Andy decided to make commemorative pieces. These include a shuttle in honor of the last US shuttle flight, a helicopter in honor of our recently fallen soldiers, and a rendition of our beloved World Trade Center towers. Andy is thrilled to donate some of this artwork to the Pure Earth E-waste Art Auction. He believes it is important that these e-waste recycling centers help enable families in Ghana and around the world to live safer, cleaner lives.


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Market Price: $225

Starting Bid: $100