• Bedford Revisited

Bedford Revisited


Artist: Meryl Taradash

Meryl’s sculpture is designed to move with the wind and change with the light. The unpredictability of natural forces is essential to her work as a sculptor. She wants people to see these elements in her work.

As an artist, she is interested in creating public art because she believes it affects people in subtle and unexpected ways, and she also believes that movement invites participation.

Each of her completed sculptures assumes a life of its own, totally dependent upon the will of the wind and the light of the sun.


The facetted Lucite sculpture is made from a chunk of fall-off from a suspended sculpture, created by the artist in 2013. She reclaimed the material and reshaped it to create a crystalline free-standing new work. The plastic composition known as PMMA or polymethyl-methacrylate is extremely difficult to recycle when discarded. The reconfigured sculpture measures 12″ in height x 9″ x 9″ and is placed on a circular base of stainless steel.  It reflects light and mirrors its environment.

Artist Website: http://www.meryltaradash.com/

Market Value: $900

Starting Bid: $450