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Artist: Marie–Noëlle Wholly

Marie–Noëlle graduated from Ramapo College with a BA in arts and psychology and now resides in Carversville, PA. Her work was recently shown at the Pascal Gallery in Mahwah NJ, The New Hope Art Center in New Hope PA and the Painting Center in NYC.


For the last 20 years, my work has been involved with the ineluctable processes of nature confronting industrialization.
The metaphors I use are sometimes in the form of games and sometimes in the form of a resurrection and material transformation. It is nature’s ability to survive contrasted with the destructive forces of the industrial civilization. Nature is invaded, brutalized and polluted on a daily basis.

In this series I want to convey that electronic waste has become part of this interaction with nature. It cannot be destroyed, it’s recycle at it’s best or burnt creating more pollution.

Market Value: $500

Starting Bid: $250