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Eat Me


Artist: Jeff Grady

Jeff Grady is a serial entrepreneur and artist who started the world’s first iPod accessories company in 2001, Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO). A livelong Apple Macintosh user and music lover, Jeff’s iPod accessory products and company became the foundation for what evolved into one of the fastest growing accessory categories in retail history. In 2007 Jeff sold his company to Philips Electronics to make more time to listen to music, snow ski and spend time with his wife and daughter. Jeff also delved into art.


“Eat Me”
23” x 23”
reclaimed iPods on glass

An avid fan and acquaintance of Dale Chihuly, Jeff was inspired by Chihuly’s collections and displays of eccentric items – leading him back to collect the device that accompanied his meteoric business success, the iPod. In 2013 Jeff began a process of procuring thousands of broken iPods to use in mosaic motif. To this day he continues to create his art using supplies from a network he as created that helps him upcycle defunct iPods.


Market Value: $6000

Starting Bid: $1000