• eamiko_circuitduo

emiko-o reware Limited Edition Circuit Duo Earrings


Artist: emiko oye

Inspired by haute couture, history, and savlaged materials, emiko oye creates everything from colorful urban jewelry to one-of-a-kind art pieces to on-the-go ready-to-wear. Utilizing LEGO® and smi-precious materials, her work tugs on the nostalgic heartstrings of people all over the world, artfully embedding memory into conversation-sparking adornment. Her work ahs been featured in Metalsmith Magazine, Jewelry Artist, ReadyMade, ClevelandPlain Dealer, San Francisco Chronicle.


Materials: recycled circuit boards from blue tooth technology, gold, sterling silver earwires, cubic zirconia set in 14k gold. Dimensions: 2 3/8″ L x 7/16″ W x 1/16″ D The earrings were created from salvaged circuit boards  from a Silicon Valley mobile technology company and were and offshoot of a larger group exhitibion, Jewelry–cycle, at the San Francisco Museium of Craft and Design. Since circuit boards contain precious metals such as copper, sivler, and gold, the use of this material in the jewelry adds a precious element to what would otherwise be considered e-waste. The collection was to inspire the public to appreciate the potential value of discarded objects in a new way (and rethink what gets thrown out!)

Artist Website: http://www.rewarestyle.com/home.html

Market Price: $140

Starting Bid: $70