• Garden of Treasure

Garden of Treasure


Artist: Kerri Lee Green

Kerri Lee Green studied art and art history at Vassar College, graduating cum laude. She then moved west to Los Angeles, where she pursued a dynamic mix of artistic endeavors, including writing, filmmaking, and painting, while counseling homeless youths.  Now back on the East Coast, she has been showing her paintings and painted objects for the past three years. Green’s approach, fusing sensuality and judgment, image and texture, and the spiritual and material, creates works that are both social commentary and highly personal.


“Garden of Treasure” 2015, Mixed media – oil paint, wood, computer pieces and other objects., 19″ X 11” X 10”h

In learning about the landfill Agblogboshie in Ghana, I was struck by the children, playing, laughing, being children in the midst of the endless trash. I saw the landfill as a garden full of treasures, surrounded by hopeful structures – the brightly colored shacks of the ghetto. The black flowers represent the smoke from all the toxic fires that melt the plastic off the valuable metal. The children there search for treasures, as all children do, yet without the luxury to find joy in a button or a feather, instead they rely on the wires and their findings for basic sustenance. The lovely computer components that make the roof provide inadequate shelter.

Website: Kerrileegreen.com

Market Value: $2400

Starting Bid: $500