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Artist: Nathan Devine

Nathan is based in Gerringong Australia, and is the founder of Retrash. Retrash is a sustainability website that promotes the growing movement of people across the globe that are reducing landfill by upcycling, repurposing and reusing salvaged materials.


Retrash is a high quality, soft cover coffee table book showcasing inspirational ideas on reusing second hand materials through upcycling. Published in New York in late 2014, Retrash is a book that inspires creativity and imagination through stories of upcycling, recycling and living sustainably.

It is printed on 100% recycled paper and features work from people living in Australia, Germany, United States, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, Israel, France, Romania, Malaysia, South Africa, Thailand, Netherlands, India, Portugal, New Zealand, Italy, Argentina, Belgium and Hong Kong.

Retrash seeks to inspire and challenge people globally to think about how they can reuse waste in creative and innovative ways.

Artist Website: http://www.retrash.com/

Market Value: $30

Starting Bid: $15