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TV Being


Artist: Taezoo Park

Taezoo Park is digital artist based in Brooklyn NY whose work explores media and digital technologies which link together the ideal and real. Park pushes new artistic forms through his unique use of digital media, emphasizing the existent ‘character’ within a technology.

Park’s work has been featured at CHI(Interactivity), SPRING/BREAK Art Show, Contemporary art fair NYC at the Tunnel in Chelsea and Javits Center, World Maker Faire at New York Hall of Science, the New Museum’s Ideas City Festival, DUMBO Arts Festival, Cornell University, Harvestworks, Governors Island Art Fair, Mark Miller Gallery, and Northside Festival.


“TV Being” is one of series of “Digital Being,” kinetic installations created from detritus of broken and discarded technologies based on the hypothetical existence of an invisible and formless creature born within the circuits of technological garbage. This creature evolves and responds to its environment through an atypical movement or specific interaction according to the machinery that it dominates.

Our world is being ever more reconstituted with digital codes. After the Digital Switchover in 2009, tube TV could no longer function as a TV. People started getting rid of the once loved square boxes on a street because the technological infrastructure had changed from the analogue to digital.

In 2009, I was recalling Nam June Paik’s splendid artworks during 1960s to 1990s: watching abandoned tube televisions on a street. His artworks, such as Arche Noah, Electronic Superhighway, and Dadaikseon, paved the way for the use of new media. However, while people enjoyed the shallow pleasure of the media, it almost forced a subordination upon them. This relationship to media has passed on almost automatically from the analogue generation to the digital generation.

The new technology, Digital, itself is clean and eternity, but it is a commodity to be consumed, and with consumption comes electronic waste. New technologies are can break down or become out of date and are quickly replaced. The subsequent disposal of the technologies creates not only an environmental concern, but poses a philosophical questions. What is the direction of developing technology? Doe it really make the world better, not worse? We are working hard to put ourselves inside of this new environment through phones, tablets, computers, etc. What is the end of this?

Combining social phenomenons such as the passive subordination of people to technology, the observation for environmental impact of e-waste, and my hypothetical theory, I make my artwork, Digital Being.

Artist Websitehttp://taezoo.com/

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